The history of application of artificial baits for fishing purpose counts several thousands of years. The artifacts found in the caverns and dwellings of the primitive men give us plenty of proofs to the subject. The baits made of crust and wood — prototypes of modern plastic lures — were equipped with the hooks made of bones of fish and animals. The horse hair served as a fishing line. And such a primitive construction seems to have worked well. Time went on. Nowadays there is a big variety of different types of artificial baits for the particular fishing conditions. Most of them have nothing to do with the realistic imitation of a live fish during the motion. But pure imitation of movements is not required. The predator species attack the lures when they are active and ready to assault everything moving by. Time and application of such lures is very limited because most of the seasons the predators prefer to attack the habitual fishes considering to procure usual and healthy food, as well as to protect the hunting area from the aggressive rivals. During these periods the predators may ignore any unknown or suspicious bait. Thus only really unique and outstanding baits may still provoke the predators. Design and production of really mortal baits is a very laborious and expensive matter. That’s why a lot of manufacturers pay special attention to the external decoration of the lure and don’t care about its performance.

We are honored to offer you a wide selection of well thought and effective baits under FISHYCAT brand which were designed and developed by the experienced Japanese lure engineers. Each of the lures has passed through several stages of field testing and improvement before the massive production. All the baits boast the ultimate and durable materials and components produced at the high-technology equipment. That’s how we get the maximum efficiency of the lures without a sign of a compromise.

But even the most sophisticated bait can’t guarantee 100% of success in fishing. Fishing is a creative process. First of all it’s necessary to select the proper size of the lure. It shouldn’t be too big or too small for the predator. Secondly it’s necessary to choose the correct depth range taking into account the general depth in the fishing area and supposed hunting horizon of the predators. Thirdly it’s necessary to select the right color depending on many factors such as day light brightness, transparency of the water and preferences of the predators. And the most important thing is to give the lure the proper way of animation with adequate speed and technique. It is not so difficult indeed. You should just feel the bait and understand how to manipulate it during the retrieve. Don’t be afraid of experimenting, sometimes absolutely sudden techniques may become top-attractive for the fish.
We are sure that FISHYCAT baits will bring you the deserved trophies and good mood!